If Fenris were in Dragon Age Origins

Author: equinexus

Leliana: You are very pretty, you know.

Fenris: I am… very pretty.

Leliana: You would be quite the commodity in Orlais. There, the noblemen and noblewomen would lavish you with gifts in envy of your beauty.

Fenris: Should that make me happy?

Leliana: It should!

Fenris: It doesn’t.


Leliana: You should smile, Fenris. I bet you have a wonderful smile!

Fenris: Is there something to smile about?

Leliana: Well… not at the moment.

Fenris:  Then why would I smile?

Leliana: (Sigh)


Leliana: You don’t talk about Tevinter much. Would you tell me more about it?

Fenris: It is not a place I think fondly of.

Leliana: It was your home.

Fenris: I was a slave.

Leliana: Not a servant? Surely, it cannot be as bad as you describe.

Fenris: No. It is much worse.

__Alistair and Fenris__

Fenris: You were a Templar?

Alistair: Almost a Templar. Duncan recruited me before I took my vows.

Fenris: A shame. The world needs many Templars.

Alistair: Have you ever considered… joining the order?

Fenris: Do they allow elves?

Alistair: Well… I’ve never seen an-

Fenris: Then don’t waste my time.


Alistair: You’d make an excellent Templar, Fenris.

Fenris: Is that a compliment or an insult?

Alistair: It’s a compliment!

Fenris: I doubt that.

Alistair: Doubt… that it is a compliment or that you’d make an excellent Templar?

Fenris: Take your pick.


Alistair: Did you step on a shard of metal?

Fenris: No.

Alistair: Catch a splinter between your toes?

Fenris: No.

Alistair: Eat something bitter?

Fenris: What brought on this inane prodding?

Alistair: Oh, nothing. Just wanted to know why you are always scowling.


Fenris: Do you really have to lay the witch?

Alistair: It is the only way…

Fenris: Hm. My condolences.

__Sten and Fenris__

Sten: You’re an elf.

Fenris: Last I checked.

Sten: You know the Qun.

Fenris: Fairly certain.

Sten: Why are you not viddathari?

Fenris: I respect the ways of the Qun, but it is not for me.

Sten: The Qun is the only way.

Fenris: That remains to be seen.


Sten: You are from Seheron.

Fenris: Perhaps.

Sten: You do not know?

Fenris: My first memories are of the ritual. What came before, I cannot be certain.


Sten: Elf.

Fenris: Giant.

Sten: Have you had a taste of their crumbly confections?

Fenris: Excuse me?

Sten: You will see.

__Morrigan and Fenris__

Morrigan: You are a bold and powerful creature, aren’t you?

Fenris: Do not speak to me, witch.

Morrigan: Oh? Do I make you… uncomfortable?

Fenris: You make me want to crush that bitch’s heart.

Morrigan: Whom? I see no other here.

Fenris: Then perhaps you should stop speaking.


Fenris:  Avert your eyes, witch.

Morrigan: I can’t help but to admire those… markings of yours. They are rather alluring.

Fenris: They are lyrium, carved into my flesh. They have served me well.

Morrigan:  There is something appealing about a man with such designs upon his skin. Tis’ hard not to wonder how far they go…

Fenris: Far enough.

Morrigan: (Laughs) Oh, you tease me.

__Zevran and Fenris__

Fenris: You’re an Antivan Crow? An assassin?

Zevran: I am currently between professions, at the moment. Why do you ask?

Fenris: You’re not a very good one.

Zevran: You wound me! Surely you do not mean it!

Fenris: I do.

Zevran: Alas, a reason to cry this evening.


Zevran:  Excuse me, my handsome friend, but may I inquire about your tattoos?

Fenris: My what?

Zevran: Your tattoos! The intricate ink that is embedded in your finely tanned skin.

Fenris: They are not ink. They are lyrium, burned deeply into my flesh.

Zevran: Interesting choice of medium.

Fenris: I did not have a choice in what my master put into me.

Zevran: (Sigh) Do we ever?


Fenris: Why?

Zevran: Why what?

Fenris: Why are you… like this?

Zevran: Like what?

Fenris: This.

Zevran: Plenty of sunshine… and leather bondage!

Fenris: Forget I said anything.

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